Community Solar Coming to Pennsylvania

Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC is a Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania-based company that develops, designs, builds, and maintains commercial, industrial, and community solar energy facilities throughout the eastern United States. Founded in 2007 and managed by a team of solar industry veterans, Dynamic Energy has constructed more than 100 megawatts of solar projects across the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic markets. With community solar legislation gaining momentum in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the company is expanding its outreach to landowners and electric utility customers in PECO and PP&L utility territories. 

As we have seen in other markets where community solar has grown, landowners can stand to benefit from hosting a project on their property. Some of these benefits include:

  • Long-term land lease income can increase and diversify property productivity. 
  • Land preservation for future development. At the conclusion of a community solar land lease, the solar project is removed, and the land is returned to its original condition. The impact is typically equivalent to standard agricultural practices.

Dynamic Energy handles the entire solar process from start to finish. The team works with the landowner and town to construct and operate each solar farm. As the single point of contact, Dynamic Energy values collaborative relationships with all landowners. Partnering with Dynamic Energy on a long-term lease agreement means secure and improved cash flow while increasing local environmental sustainability. The team has been building solar throughout the Northeast for over a decade and is committed to bringing clean energy to all.

There is current legislation in the State Capital regarding community solar. Hopefully soon, Pennsylvania will join several other states where residents and businesses will have the opportunity to go solar without installing panels on their own roof or property. Area residents will sign up to reserve their share of the solar electricity produced by the system and receive credits on their electric utility bills. This saves community members money and supports clean, local energy generation without a need to install and maintain panels on their roof or property.

Community solar gardens require no upfront cost to enroll, no installation, and offer a discount based on past electricity rates for the entire subscription. Renters, homeowners, businesses, and others who could not go solar on their own, now have access to clean, renewable energy. 

In 2018, Dynamic Energy constructed the Capital Region Community Solar Garden; one of the largest community solar gardens in New York State. The 5,486-kW ground mounted, community solar project, located in Albany County, NY, will generate over 7,300,000 kWh per year; the equivalent of powering over 800 New York homes.

About Dynamic Energy Solutions, LLC

Dynamic Energy is a full-service solar energy provider that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, finance, build, and maintain projects to meet the needs of commercial, industrial, and institutional customers. With an in-house team that includes professional engineers, project managers, and master electricians, Dynamic Energy creates high-quality projects that reduce customer expenses, improve operating efficiency, provide an attractive return on investment, and achieve sustainability goals. For more information, visit