The Evolution from Legacy Copper to Fiber-optics

The transition from legacy copper phone lines to fiber-optics it taking place all over the country within the telecom industry and it is something you need to be aware of. Many companies are starting to notice it evolving faster than anticipated. There are two main reasons why, which I will explain in the paragraphs below.

The first being the addition of new applications to company’s operations. This primarily means multiple types of applications being operated using the internet 24/7. For example, within the retail industry, the retail chains are utilizing top of the line applications in every one of their stores as new renovations are currently taking place. Retail chains are replacing old equipment with new digitalized applications. These applications are being run utilizing internet or also known as bandwidth. Store applications include: TV Menu Monitors Behind Sandwich Bar, Touch Screen Ordering Monitors, Touch Screen Soda Machine, ATM, Point of Sale, Inventory Management Software, Lottery Mechanism, HVAC Software, Wi-Fi, Security Cameras, Voice Over Internet Protocol Phones. 

The next time you walk into a retail chain take a look and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Most of the stores are being run off a high-grade type of internet, which is being more seen to be fiber-optics.

The second reason fiber-optics is becoming so popular is because the legacy copper phone lines are being shut off all over the United States. Specifically, in the Philadelphia market Verizon is transitioning the lines over to fiber-optics, which are being deployed all over the tristate area. This is also dropping the price for fiber-optics making it a plus. There are three main reasons the old copper lines are being shut off. The copper lines are 50-70 years old, the replacement pieces are no longer being manufactured, and lastly the time it takes technicians to repair is taking days and additional technicians. 

LightmyFiber is a company based locally in West Chester, PA who has teamed up with the Bucks County Economic Development Corporation to assist companies with education, location of fiber, price negotiation, and installation of fiber-optics. If interested in learning more, please feel free to reach out to Chris Bradley through his email at . Chris is a National Fiber-optic Broker for LightmyFIBER.