Bucks County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) is a non-profit, non-political economic development organization established in 1958 to support economic growth in Bucks County. BCEDC is a Commonwealth of Pennsylvania certified economic development agency. BCEDC offers low cost financing options for land/building, machinery and equipment. These and other incentive programs offered through BCEDC create a strong and vital economy for Bucks County and in return create and retain jobs for Bucks County residents.

BCEDC advocates existing industry retention and expansion and develops innovative programs that will lead to future economic growth. We coordinate economic development projects with County agencies and other organizations and encourage business growth in Bucks County through a variety of Federal, State and Local financing programs.

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The BCEDC & BCTIC are Teaming Up

The Bucks County Economic Development Corporation (BCEDC) and the Bucks International Trade Council (BCITC) have established a new partnership. This partnership will allow both organizations to jointly market programs, have seminars, and provide clients the services of both organizations. The BCITC will use the BCEDC building as their new headquarters to promote international trade activities.

The BCITC has also chosen new officers for the coming year.  Brian Thomas from Global Marketing Associates, LLC-Chair, Tim Charlesworth from the law firm of  Fitzpatrick, Lentz  & Bubba-Vice-Chair, Jonathan Hoke from Fulton Bank, Treasurer, and Jeff Gossner of the DVIRC, Board Secretary.

The BCITC will continue to provide assistance to local companies interested in growing their export business through educational events, one-on-one case studies, networking events, and counseling. If you are interested in finding out more about the BCITC and how they can help your business, please contact Brian Thomas at .