Pioneering Neuro-Inclusive Cohousing in Bucks County, PA

In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Front Porch Cohousing is not just spearheading a movement in disability housing; it's a mission of personal significance. As residents of Bucks County and parents of an adult son with autism, we understand the profound need for inclusive housing. We are dedicating ourselves to creating environments catering to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), such as autism and down syndrome.

We're working on groundbreaking initiatives to enhance residents' quality of life and community integration. By closely examining Bucks County's demographics and needs, our designs respond to various disabilities and aging requirements.

Through private investments, government grants, and cross-sector collaborations, we ensure financial stability and a strong foundation for these unprecedented projects. Inclusion and collaboration are central, involving residents, businesses, and organizations to create a supportive community environment.

Our initiative recognizes the rich diversity of neurological backgrounds, offering innovative solutions that reflect inclusivity, support, autonomy, and community. We are passionate about building a community where individuals like our son can live with dignity and joy.

We aim to:

  • Create jobs.
  • Fulfill demand for accessible housing.
  • Promote social inclusion.
  • Reduce neurological stigma.

Our dedication has earned accolades, embodying our values of transparency, accuracy, and impactful work.

Our efforts include:

  • Collaborative planning.
  • Innovative design.
  • Comprehensive support services.
  • Community integration.

Join us in our mission. As an investor, volunteer, or community supporter, your collaboration is vital.

Contact us at:

Front Porch Cohousing's mission goes beyond building homes. It's about creating a community where our son, and many like him, can thrive. Partner with us to make this vision a reality in Bucks County. Your involvement will contribute to a legacy of compassion, innovation, and inclusion.

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