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Free Customized Telecom Assessment & Report Available

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One of the newest members of the BCEDC, FlexIP Solutions, a nationwide provider of custom managed communications solutions for businesses, is offering fellow BCEDC members a free custom telecom assessment.

Your Free Telecom Assessment Includes:

  • Research and evaluation of all telecom invoices, services and assets
  • The documentation and inventory of phone numbers and their purpose
  • Analysis and evaluation of current communications costs, including internet, phone lines and systems, inter-office connectivity, fax systems and more
  • Site survey of IT and telecom networks

Your Free Telecom Assessment Report Includes:

  • Summary of findings, recommendations and best practices
  • Financial Impact Analysis of current services compared to recommendations that improve services and/or reduce costs

By the way, it’s fast – FlexIP Solutions conducts the assessment and delivers the report in 3-5 business days. And you get it for free with no obligation.

Request your free telecom assessment here: www.flexipsolutions.com/telecom-assessment.

Or book a call directly with FlexIP Solutions’ VP of Business Development, Robert Latronica, via Calendly here: https://calendly.com/rlatronica.

Learn more about FlexIP Solutions at www.flexipsolutions.com.

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