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First Loan Closed Using the Diverse Business Financing Initiative (DBFI)

Affinity Land Services, LLC is a full-service title insurance agency providing title services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia. Affinity comes to you with a title staff full of extensive backgrounds in real estate, mortgage, and title. 

Affinity has a motto of thinking outside the box. Promise small and deliver big. When you are purchasing or refinancing a home, title insurance is something that is a must-have. The protection a policy provides to the lender and the owner can sometimes be invaluable. A title policy protects a buyer and lender from previous liens, mortgages, and other issues. A title search is completed, and any issues found will be cleared up prior to closing to be able to provide free and clear title to the new buyer.


Third Party Certifications No Longer Needed to Apply for the DBFI Loan Program

Several lenders had expressed their concerns to DCED that requiring third party certifications presents an undue burden and expense to the diverse business owners targeted by the initiative, to the point that they are having difficulties making loans using the funds. Consequently, the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) has decided to eliminate the need for third party certifications. Applicants still need to fall under the guidelines.


Transmission – The Backbone of the Grid

It’s a beautiful day – sun is shining, blue skies. Your family just arrived at your beach rental, ready to start your week-long vacation. And then, the power goes out. Five minutes pass…then five hours…then two days. There is no air conditioning, no refrigeration and the town has limited power. Angry, upset, frustrated, you turn your car around and head home. Your vacation is over before it began.

Power is something we take for granted, especially on beautiful summer days. But about two years ago, the above scenario was a reality. The Outer Banks, North Carolina experienced more than a week-long outage when a transmission line was accidentally hit during bridge construction work. Thousands of vacations were ruined and millions in small business revenue was lost.


Remodeling Concepts, Inc. was approved to borrow $400,000 from PIDA, a total project cost of $1,100,000.  The funds will be used to purchase a building in Langhorne, Middletown Township and renovate it. It is 12,075 square foot that will employee 21 current employees with room for future hiring. Remodeling concepts, Inc. is a local contractor that services both residential and commercial property owners doing any sort of construction services from the ground up. 

To learn more www.remodelingconcepts.net.


What is a Contract: Part 3: Conditions - When Is a Promise No Longer a Promise?

This post continues my series explaining the main elements of a contract, which are outlined on the attached infographic. My goal is to demystify some of these basic provisions to help business owners have a better general understanding of what they are signing.

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