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First Loan Closed Using the Diverse Business Financing Initiative (DBFI)

Affinity Land Services, LLC is a full-service title insurance agency providing title services throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Virginia. Affinity comes to you with a title staff full of extensive backgrounds in real estate, mortgage, and title. 

Affinity has a motto of thinking outside the box. Promise small and deliver big. When you are purchasing or refinancing a home, title insurance is something that is a must-have. The protection a policy provides to the lender and the owner can sometimes be invaluable. A title policy protects a buyer and lender from previous liens, mortgages, and other issues. A title search is completed, and any issues found will be cleared up prior to closing to be able to provide free and clear title to the new buyer.

Starting in 1992, Nicole Malcolm, owner of Affinity, started her career in the real estate and mortgage industry. In 2005, Nicole embarked upon title and realized this was her passion. So, in 2008, while the market was still raw from the real estate crash, the challenge of creating a successful title agency was formed. After a partnership split in 2012, Nicole went on her own and Affinity Land Services, LLC was created. 

Employing her three children and mom, Nicole believes having the ability to work with family is one of the best accomplishments of her career. Family businesses can be very challenging but having the strong support and backbone of people that believe in your dreams can make all the difference.

Having a headquarters in Bucks County has been a great source of growth for Affinity along with a satellite office in Wildwood Crest, NJ, which is ran by Marge Swanson. Marge’s extensive forty plus years in the mortgage industry has provided a level of service to clients that sets them apart from most other title companies. The knowledge Marge possesses has complimented her career in title and has proved immeasurable in some instances.

Renting for several years and seeing the benefits of owning a building, Nicole searched out to find a place to call home for her company. After coming across a wonderful historic building within Newtown Township, she was able to access financing as a certified Women Owned Business through the Bucks County Economic Development Corporation. Already being certified as a Women Owned Business, this enabled her to qualify for the special financing programs available to women. This loan has helped with the rehabilitation costs of the new building she has recently purchased. The process was simple and easy and working with the staff of BCEDC was great. 

Affinity logoTo learn more about the program, please contact BCEDC, 215.348.9031 or www.bcedc.com/funding-sources/loan-programs/other/dbfi

For more about Land Affinity Services contact, Nicole R. Malcolm, Owner/Title Agent, 9 South Sycamore Street, Newtown, PA 18940, 215-579-8800 ext. 201 or www.deedsearchers.com.

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