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PA Tax Credits for Businesses Helping Lower-Income Homeowners with Home Repairs

We need your help to make it happen, and your business can benefit, too. Through our Home Repair Program, Habitat Bucks partners with lower-income homeowners to make home repairs or modifications that preserve their home, making it safe and adapting it to be accessible for everyone. We provide both interior and exterior repairs, as well as critical repairs such as roof replacement and major system repairs like plumbing and HVAC. Interior projects include: grab bars, electrical work, bathroom modifications, kitchen repair, railings, door repairs, flooring and lighting. Exterior repairs include railings, windows, steps, doors and porches, roof patching, gutters, walkways, and ramps. Many of our homeowners are seniors or disabled individuals who cannot afford the market cost of repairs or modifications. With Habitat Bucks, these are easy repairs and the homeowner repays an affordable amount – just a fraction of the cost. The balance is subsidized by program income and contributions. 

To meet the growing need for home repairs that are affordable, our goal for FY20 is to complete 40 home repair projects – double the number we completed last year. As part of this expansion, Habitat Bucks is applying to the Pennsylvania Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP).The NAP program provides tax credits that are available for use by the contributing businesses, who in turn receive Pennsylvania tax credits for their project contribution. Here’s a few recent home repairs:

How does my business benefit from supporting Habitat Bucks’ Home Repair Program?

Habitat Bucks is applying under the Special Program Priority within the NAP Program – this means tax credits for business contributions would be 75% per fiscal year! For example, a $10,000 donation would only cost $2,500 as you would receive $7,500 in Pennsylvania tax credits for business contributions.

How does it work?

  • Businesses provide a letter to Habitat Bucks confirming the amount they will contribute if the project is approved for the tax credit program. The business is not obligated to contribute if the application is not approved.
  • Habitat Bucks submits the application by June 28, 2019.
  • Additional contributors may be added to the application through September 30th.
  • If approved, the business will be notified by the PA DCED. Eligible contributions must be received by Habitat Bucks before June 30, 2020.

If my business is interested, what should I do?

  • Review Exhibit B, Tax Benefits for Business Firms, which has been provided by the NAP. It illustrates what types of businesses can benefit from the tax credits and how they can be applied.
  • All contributors are advised to consult their tax specialist before making a commitment.
  • Contact Candace Clarke, Resource Development Director, Habitat for Humanity of Bucks County, c.clarke@habitatbucks.org or (215) 822-2812, 316.
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