Tristate Capital and Tesco Metering show off their plaques awarded for expanding business in Bucks County.

BCEDC Holds Its 64th Annual Event

On Monday, October 23, 2023, Bucks County Economic Development Corporation held its 64th Annual Event at Northampton Valley Country Club, Richboro, PA. This was the first breakfast meeting held by BCEDC.

The event showcased two speakers: Mr. Evan Stone, Executive Director, Bucks County Planning Commission and Ms. Kristin Smedley, Co-Founder, Thriving Blind Academy.

Mr. Stone spoke about the BC Planning Commissions 2022 Annual Report and that “The pipeline is full and flowing…from our perspective.” He reported on development in the county, trail planning, preserved land, and sustainability program. Mr. Stone also introduced the GIS and Data Services that created the new interactive, web-based BCEDC Industrial/Office Site and Zoning Map. The new interactive map is an update and replacement of the static paper, Industrial/Office Site and Zoning Map. John Capista, GIS Analyst explained the elements of the map. The map page opens with the legend/layers section on the left, the map in the middle, and a list of the industrial and office sites on the right. Users can toggle between tabs at the top to view the layers or office parks sections. By clicking on an industrial/office park on the list, the map will zoom directly to that specific point.

Ms. Smedley spoke passionately about Thriving Blind Academy (TBA). She invited the audience to join her team to empower and inspire blind and visually impaired people to thrive in school, business, and life through TBA. Since she was raised and currently lives in Bucks County, that is where she encouraged the rally behind TBA to begin. Ms. Smedley helped her two blind boys successfully navigate the world and wants others to be able to achieve the same success. 

She also educated the audience about the blind or visually impaired challenges on finding successful employment and how if given the opportunity they will be an asset to workforce. 

Bob Cormack, BCEDC Executive Director, presented the successes of BCEDC in 2022. BCEDC assisted companies with 9.8 million dollars of loans, with a total project cost of 33 million dollars, bank participation of 20 plus million dollars, and retention of 252 jobs. They used five different loans programs in five different boroughs and townships across the county.

BCEDC awarded plaques to the following companies who received loans in 2022 for their expansion in Bucks County to help create and retain job opportunities for Bucks County residents:

BRT Acquisitions, LLC, Aluminumia Realty, LLC, B-Tec Solutions, Inc., Titan Mobile Shredding, LLC, TESCO Metering and Jay Bee Machine Works, Inc. and the following banks who participated in projects: LINKBANK, C&N Bank, Univest Financial Corporation and TriState Capital Bank.

The following companies generously supported the event:

PECO, C&N Bank, First Bank, Meridian Bank, NorthPoint Development, Provident Bank, 44 Business Capital, EKL Machine, Wells Fargo Bank, Curtin & Heefner, Lampire Biological Laboratories, Moore Energy, MVM Associates, The Flynn Company, Thriving Blind Academy, and Buckingham Valley Vineyards & Winery.

Photos were taken by Michelle Buono Photography.



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