Efficient Energy Solutions from PECO Can Help Any Business

Every business, small or large, expects an energy bill each month. And with PECO incentives for energy efficiency measures, every business — no matter its size or type — can save energy to make that bill cost less and subsequently have a lower bill.

So whether your business is just beginning to work on basic energy efficiency projects, building on prior progress or seeking maximum efficiency with highly specialized equipment, it’s time to check out incentives and opportunities that can help you save.

  • Efficient, dimmable LED lighting fixtures provide the ambiance your restaurant needs for a 5‑star review.
  • ENERGY STAR® refrigerators keep your grocery store’s produce cooler, while using less energy.
  • An upgraded HVAC system keeps your employees more comfortable and productive at the workplace.

Ready to get started saving energy and money? Visit PECO to request a small business energy analysis.

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